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Battle of Obani Gemni


Space Battle at Obani Draco


First Encounter at Obani Gemni

Battle of Obani Draco

Obani Moon War




Obani Draco


Galactic Fleet Victory


Galactic Fleet

Blargian Federation



Field Marshal Tonok

  • 30 Omega Battle Bots
  • 10, 000 LUX Combat Bots

28, 000 Blargian Paratroopers

  • 20 Omega Battle Bots
  • 5,000 LUX Combat Bots




After a crushing defeat during the battle of Obani Gemni the Blargian Federation decided to take a new course of action. They decided to launch a two-pronged attack, one at the fleet in orbit, and another at the ground forces on Obani Draco. The ground battle of Obani Draco was most likely one of the largest tactical errors in Blargian history. With the death of the highly skilled Field Marshal Drell, the Chairmen Drek orders his second-in-command, General Tonok to lead the remaining paratroopers in the battle. As a bonus, he was also promoted to Field Marshal which gave him command of all land forces in the system.

After landing on the planet, Field Marshal Tonok orders 10,000 men to assault a Galactic Fleet camp nearby. Inside the camp were 3500 LUX Combat Bots. During the ensuing battle, all 3500 LUX Bots are destroyed with the Blarg only loosing 2200 men. However, Shellshock, the commander of the ground forces was using the camp as bait. Once the battle is over, he comes out of hiding alongside 29 other Omega Battle Bots and they kill all of the 7800 remaining Blarg without any of them dying.

Shellshock orders 20 of the Omega Battle Bots to take 2000 LUX Combat Bots and assault the enemy base. However, the Blarg were prepared and managed to kill the entire assault force while loosing 4000 men. Out of sheer anger, Field Marshal Tonok takes the remaining 10,000 Blargian paratroopers and attacks Shellshocks location. In the final battle, 9 Omega Battle Bots and 500 LUX Combat Bots die, along with all of the Blargian Paratroopers and Field Marshal Tonok.

However, in the last moments of the battle, a cruise missile hit Shellshock's head and destroyed his brain. It was later replaced with the AI from a coffee machine.


900 Hours

  • The Blarg land on the surface of the planet.
  • Field Marshal Drell orders the assault on the Galactic Fleet camp.

950 Hours

  • All 3500 LUX Combat Bots, and all of the 10,000 Blargian Paratroopers are killed during the battle.
  • Shellshock orders 20 of the Omega Battle Bots and 2000 LUX Combat Bots to assault the Blarg camp.

10 000 Hours

  • The attacking troops of the Galactic Fleet are killed along with 4,000 Blargian Paratroopers.

11 000 Hours

  • The remaining troops of the Galactic Fleet and the Blargian Federation battle.
  • 500 LUX Combat Bots, 9 Omega Battle Bots, and all the remaining Blarg on the planet are killed.
  • Shellshock's brain is destroyed.

12 000 Hours

  • Shellshock's brain is replaced by the AI from a coffee machine.