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Commando Rifle
A25K Assault Rifle (Commando Rifle)
Price 50 000 Bolts
Ammo Held 500
Ammo Cost 10 bolts
Rate of Fire 700 Rounds per minute
Manufacturer Pacifist Arms
First Available
Lock On no
Upgrade Price


The A25K Assault Rifle or better known as the Commando Rifle is the main weapon of the Colonial Marines. It was developed as a cheap, but powerful weapon for use by special trained soldiers. It features a scope, and an attachable minature nitro launcher, which although is not even close to as powerful as the full version, it still powerful enough to silence enemy turrets and light vehicles.


It was originally meant for the Galactic Rangers as a replacement for their current weapons. Unfortunately, the Rangers would often turn tail and run during battle, which only meant that the Galactic Fleet would loose bolts, and the weapon would not be used to its full abilities. As a result, it was given to the Colonial Marines, who used it very effectively.