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StarShip Interior
Dreadnought-Class Starship
Production information

Pacifist Arms

Technical specifications

2 Kilometres


450 Metres


500 Metres

Engine unit(s)
  • Plasma Reactors (3)
  • Fusion reactors (2)
Slipspace Drive

Gravo-Metrich Warp-Drive

Slipspace velocity

33 Light Years per day

Minimum crew

Capital Ship


Galactic Fleet



The Dreadnought-Class is one of the most feared star ships ever built. It can hold large contingents of units, for planetary invasion. It can also hold its own against multiple light-tonnage ships, but if faced against more then one medium or heavy-tonnage vessel, it will either be destroyed, or come out of the fight badly damaged. For this reason the ships always act in fleets of four or more.

They are commanded by organics, as if they were commanded by rangers they would never fight, due to the cowardice of the rangers.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The outside of a Dreadnought, looks very similar to that of Dr. Nefarious' cruiser, the Leviathan. It boasts a curved shape, where it can conceal its heavy weapons. The bridge is located on an observation deck in the middle of the ship, that rises up. It also has two-floor hangars on each side of the ship.


The inner workings of the Dreadnought-Class are quite different then one may believe. As opposed to simply being a normal ship, the place is luxurious. Officers and organic personnel have living quarters that rival that of a five-star hotel suite (The rangers, as they are robots, do not sleep so they do not have any living quarters). The outer workings however, resemble that of an actual battleship. There are many security checkpoints throughout the area, and all of them lead to an area in the exact centre of the ship (which is surrounded by the more luxurious parts of the ship, even though it has no access to them). The central area has a lift that can lead up to the bridge (and can be closed down via the bridge in case of boarding parties), and another gravity-powered lift that can be used for rapid transport to the planet, as well as several teleporters.



  • This class is based upon the British ship the HMS Dreadnought, which inspired the Dreadnought and Super-Dreadnought ship classifications.
  • The inner parts of a Dreadnought-Class are quite similar to that of a modern day Nuclear Submarine: Luxurious.