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The Laserturret Launcher was a weapon developed by Gadgetron. It launched small turrets that fires laser.

Laserturret Launcher
Price 0 bolts (beginning weapon)
Ammo Held V1=6, V2=8, V3=10, V4=12, V5=14
Ammo Cost 20 bolts
Rate of Fire
Manufacturer Gadgetron
First Available Capital City
Lock On no
Upgrade Missileturret Launcher
Upgrade Price

Stats Edit

Version Functionality Range Power Ammo Exp. (1st play)
V1 Standard Medium 200 6 250
V2 Increased Power Medium 370 8 700
V3 Increased Power Medium 410 10 1200
V4 The turrets can teleport. Medium 500 12 2000
Missileturret Launcher The turrets fire rockets instead of laserbeams. Medium 1000 14 Full

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