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Mech Chairmen Drek is a clone of the real Chairmen Drek and the main villan in Ratchet & Clank: Return of Chairmen Drek, held on his ship, it seems to have equipped itself with metal from some enemies aboard the ship and has found Gleeman Vox's robotic hand and placed it over its original hand, its the only known life form to have escaped the explosion of Dreks Fleet after Sumomo placed a bomb in the cargo area and fled using her ship. It later starts chasing after Sumomo's Ship using 100 Blarg Saucers and 500 Elite Blarg Saucers, but after sumomo started flying her ship next to ratchet, the Chairmen Drek clone got so frustrated it fought using no blarg saucers but 5 waves of Elite Blarg Saucers. At almost end of the game, the Chairmen Drek clone make's a Planetbuster Maximus II and place's it over Veldin, Ratchet then gets Sumomo's help destroying the planetbuster with the Chairmen Drek Clone onboard, after the ships defeat, the bomb is destroyed in a Black Hole and Drek's ship lands and crashe's in the deepest parts of Veldin, killing the Drek Clone.