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OmniWrench 12K
OmniWrench 12K
Price Starting Weapon
Ammo Held N/A
Ammo Cost N/A
Rate of Fire 3 hits per second
Manufacturer Gadgetron
First Available Veldin
Lock On No
Upgrade Raritanium Wrench
Upgrade Price

OmniWrench 12K is a Wrench that Raclank has. It has a nanotech upgrate ability so it can upgrate.



Version Functionality Range Power Ammo Exp. (1st play)
V1 Standard Short 30 N/A 500
Raritanium Wrench Increased Power Short 45 N/A 1000
Carbonox Wrench Increased Power Short 60 N/A 1500
Solar Wrench Burns Enemies Short 100 N/A 2000
Blackhole Wrench Hyperstrike creates a blackhole that sucks weak enemies Short 150 N/A Full

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