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The Ori beam cannon is a rare cannon that was built by a lombax many years ago. When it was first tested it destroyed a large part of his lab and it was not a full power the cannon fires a large orange beam of energy that makes a very loud noice (Can you guess where this came from if not SG1) it requires Tridium A Rare metal found on the planet delta rigma in the Andromeda galaxy the weapon was given to a weapons dealer that hung onto it for many years. Untill it was stolen and taken to the planet Irax in the andromeda galaxy by clank who was trying to use it's power core to get back to Ratchet after he uses it Ratchet uses it to seal the portal to the Zoni Universe after defeating there leader the Alpha Zoni Ratchet later used it to destroy a massive starship known as hawkeye that was under the command of captian Vax who wanted to take over the solana galaxy it is now being stored in his ship Ratchet will later search for the other weapons built by the Unkown Lombax.