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Monsterpedia is a help feature that appeared in Going Commando, which lists nearly all the enemies encountered in the game, along with a description of their origins and their battle statistics. Because of this, HiQu would like to offer the Raclank: Fusion Monsterpedia, which would be used to access quick links to all the enemies in the Raclank: Fusion game.

Normal EnemiesEdit

All enemies in Raclank: Fusion. Bosses are bolded.

Enemies on VeldinEdit

Enemies on WateriusEdit

Enemies on FasteronEdit

Enemies on ZortobEdit

Enemies in Wrezaruz NebulaEdit

Enemies on PolarianEdit

Enemies on BoldarEdit

Enemies in Rakyan Asteroid BeltEdit

Enemies on Tyckean IVEdit

Enemies in Thugless NebulaEdit

Enemies on Vapor IIEdit

Enemies on Flasho MoonEdit

Enemies on DarkwaterEdit

Enemies on FroscanianEdit

Enemies on EmperorianEdit

Enemies on MerdangerEdit

Enemies on RedoreanEdit

Enemies in Scorch Asteroid RingEdit

Enemies on SerdianEdit

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