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Battle of the Basiki Islands


Battle of Mylen

Raid of Mylen
Nefarious Sniper

War against Dr. Nefarious






Dr. Nefarious victory, marines successfully run away


Galactic Fleet

Dr. Nefarious





1 company of Colonial Marines (78)

  • 90 Nefarious Troopers
  • 5 Robot Ninjas
  • 2 Snipers

56 Marines

  • 35 Nefarious Troopers
  • 5 Robot Ninjas
  • 2 Snipers


The raid of Mylen was a small battle between the Galactic Fleet and Dr. Nefarious. The Galactic Fleet discovered a small lab on the volcanic world of Mylen. The lab was being run by Dr, Nefarious, and was used to construct new robot models to be used against the organic life forms. Seeing as how this could easily put the war in Dr, Nefarious' favour, the Galactic Fleet sent a company of Colonial Marines to take it out, which would be followed by a full scale invasion of the planet using Galactic Rangers.

Starting RaidEdit

The marine company skydives towards the initial LZ, but is located and is forced to land 100 metres away from the LZ.

Not willing to turn back, the company pushes forward, encountering several troopers hidden in the rocks. After several fire fights, 5 marines and 7 troopers are killed.

Fire Fight in the LabEdit

After the long walk, the 73 marines arrive at the lab. Using stealth, they sneak past the guards, but fail to realize that they were being watched. Once the reach the centre part of the lab, a majority of the garrison open fire.

The initial barrage managed to hit a large amount of unaware marines, which kills them. After sustaining heavy casualties, the marine retreat and are followed by robot ninjas, while snipers wait for them outside.

End RaidEdit

After running from the ninjas, the fight and several marines are killed along with the ninjas. The marines then battle the sniper before effectively running away.


200 Hours

  • A company of Colonial Marines are dropped off on Mylen, but land 100 metres away from the designated LZ.
  • As the marines push forward, a friefight takes the lives of 5 marines and 7 troopers.

210 Hours

  • The marines break into the lab and battle the garrison.
  • The marines fall back, with a loss of 45 marines.

215 Hours

  • The marines retreat and battle against snipers and robot ninjas.
  • All attackers are dead, along with 6 marines.

220 Hours

  • The marines retreat.