Ratchet and Clank: Confirmed Destruction takes place between R:D and R&CF:TOD.


After the duo escapes the clutches of Gleeman Vox, they take a much needed vacation in Planet Veldin. As the two relax and enjoy their vacation, they receive message from Sasha that Solana is under attack. A huge fleet of warships are assaulting the planets and are defeating them. Then, another message from Mr. Fizzwidget, saying Bogon is under fire. Just as they decide to leave, Veldin is attacked.



The two find themselves under attack, and Ratchet has only his wrench in his possession. Just as they were about to be annihilated, they are rescued by the Galactic Rangers. There, they give him a V-Blaster and a Plasma Cannon. They are told multiple galaxies in the universe have created a resistance to defend against the attack. The two are asked to join, which they agree.

Resistance BaseEdit

The dropship lands in a gigantic battleship, the headquarters of the defense. They are told they will be the main unit, since they have so much experience. They are told about the enemy planets they have created as bases, called "Blocks". They're first mission is to destroy the block in Solana. As they leave, they are joined by Green and Merc, former battlebots from DreadZone.

Solana BlockEdit

The dropships land on the Solana Block. The Galactic Rangers are greeted with enormous firepower. There, Ratchet finds a Cluster Grenade.

(To be continued)