Apparently there are some new couples blossoming around HoloWood!Dallas and Juanita, announcers of the old TV show,DreadZone.Got married on the first episode of their reality TV show, currently they are now happily living in marital bliss.

As for Ratchet, Secret Agent Clank's previous Co-star, he is currently dating Sasha, who's father is the Galactic President.She is the current Mayor of Metropolis and previous Captain of the Starship Phoenix.

As for Clank, rumor has it Courtney Gears, who was a guest on his show as a Baroness, apparently told the press "she misses him and his charming personality."Leaving us with the idea,after her previous love interest Dr. Nefarious mysteriously disappeared,she realized bad boy was not her type, and the sophisticated variety was the kind of man she needed in her life.

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